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o1. I will take pictures of anything you want - let me know.
o2. I only take payment through paypal. My email is lynzie@lighterside.org.
o3. I expect payment within three days of my accepting your bid. If it is not recieved I will consider your bid canceled and anyone in line behind you will get your item.
o4. Yes, that means you must bid on the items. I have no intention of setting prices and haggling with you - you tell me what you want to pay. If I accept, I will ship the item to you asap. If there is an item that someone else has already bid on that you want, feel free to reply to their comment and say that you are also interested and give your own bid. It is first come, first serve, but if they do not pay you will be next in line.
o5. You will pay shipping on top of your bid. Yes, I combine shipping. Yes, I ship as soon as possible.

This stuff is all for sale because I'm moving to Massachusetts. I need money and I need room in my car, so I need to get rid of this stuff. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell um. Anyone who you think might want any of this stuff! I want to get rid of it!